Rope Access Installation


Rope access installation is a simple, quick and economical alternative to traditional building maintenance units such as scaffolding or mechanical platform systems. A more discreet solution than a BMU, rope access means other construction crews can continue working around our curtain walling fitters and mastic men without cumbersome machinery in the way, making the site safer for all.
The architectural design statements that are becoming ever popular with modern construction projects means that curtain walling and intricate envelope facades makes accessibility for installation and repair an increasingly complicated procedure. Rope access services grant abseil teams easy access to those otherwise restricted areas, allowing architects to make their vison for sophisticated and striking building design come to fruition.
MTM Facades prides ourselves with extremely high safety standards and abseil systems are without exception. Our abseil teams are subject to strict requirements for quality assurance, safety, training and good working practices under the authority of The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and are most commonly put to use for the following:

  • Curtain walling installation
  • Curtain walling repair and maintenance
  • Rope access mastic application
  • High level glass polishing
  • Access to awkward areas of buildings at height

During the installation of curtain walling the chosen system for rope access will be fitted. However, access points and systems can be fitted in retrospect, where these provisions were not originally allowed for. All rope access service personnel are proficient in the use of all types of access system, including:

  • Abseil rail systems
  • Free-standing systems
  • Rope access eyebolts
  • Traditional post anchors

Moreover, our rope access teams are fully trained in height safety and safe working practices. All work is carefully planned, supervised and carried out under stringent controls with specialist high access, first-response trained persons on site at all times.

With a UK wide network of 200 quality contractors we not only have the skills and qualifications to ensure that the appropriate paperwork and method statements are prepared, but that every job is completed to the highest standards, adhering to the strict quality controls of the manufacturer, recognising pause points and ensuring all work is monitored and checked if necessary before continuing.

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